Meet the Bakers

We met in the summer of 2019 under some pretty stressful circumstances as we were all cast to compete against each other in a baking competition. That dynamic changed quickly over our first meal together where we soon became each other’s support network. The group went from a bunch of strangers to kindred spirits as we shared our passion for baking. We got to know the humans behind the aprons. We learned about the experiences and the people that made us the bakers fortunate enough to be picked out of thousands of hopeful bakers across the country. We then quietly realized the only folks we were competing against were ourselves, and our fellow “competitors” became more like teammates that shared each other’s burdens.

Soon after the competition was over we found out how genuine our bond was as we found ourselves texting and calling all the time. Our holiday meal prep dialogue was lit up with excitement, encouragement, and inspiration. No one else cared as much as we did about what we were baking. We hope this collective will show that, although all of us have different styles and come from varied backgrounds, you and every baker will connect with what we do and who we are. Each one of us is amazingly passionate and together we form a synergy. Welcome to the Home Bakers Collective.


Tanya, Carlos, Marissa, Alex, Sally, Bianca, Sarita, Helen, and Dana


  1. I’m thrilled to learn that there will be something continuing from your time in The Tent, filming GABS.

    Congratulations on the launch of your joint project! I look forward to reading whatever comes next.

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    1. I love that you found each other and are continuing what I hope will be lifelong friendships. And through your challenges we can all be inspired to try it too.


  2. Hi to all of you from Bend, Oregon! I hope to get my application for the show in soon…fingers crossed. All of you can take credit for inspiring me to give it a try and to expand my baking skills each week at home!

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  3. Wonderful!

    I hope you will all share your recipes from the tent as ABC (as far as I can tell) has not posted any.

    Will look forward to following your new adventures!


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  4. Wonderful!

    I hope you all will share your recipes from the show as ABC has not been posting them online.

    I will look forward to following your new adventures!



  5. What a fabulous idea ! Fantastic that memorable but stressful weeks in Great Britain have resulted in such a friendship group back in the States we all can enjoy ! Warm (well, at the moment hot !) greetings from the east coast of Australia !! Am not actually a baker, but am slowly getting there on Sally’s posts . . . all the best for the future !


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