January’s Challenge: “Cake Roll Inspired by Your Favorite Cocktail”

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L to R/Top to bottom:
Helen’s Fuzzy Navel, Bianca’s Spiced Pina Colada Swiss Roll, Marissa’s Moscow Mule Swiss Roll, Tanya’s Dark and Stormy Swiss Roll, Sally’s Virgin Cosmopolitan Roll Cake, Sarita’s Lychee Rose Cake Roll, Alex’s Raspberry Lime Rickey Swiss Roll, Dana’s Lava Flow Swiss Roll

Fuzzy Navel Cake Roll

by Helen of Bakers Anonymous

Cake roll, Jelly roll, Roulade – whatever you call it – the challenge I chose was to make a rolled cake inspired by a cocktail.  I thought a cake roll would be a great bake to showcase everyone’s personality, and I had my heart set on making a Fuzzy Navel cake this winter and I needed an excuse to do so.  Have you had a fuzzy navel lately?  If not, you’re missing out.


Orange cake, orange curd, peach schnapps, whipped cream with diced peaches

When you meet a group of people that like to bake as much as you do, you hang onto them.  Talking shop, bouncing ideas around and throwing out baking challenges for each other is something we started doing to stay in touch and to share our passion for baking.  Seeing everyone’s take on the same bake has been so much fun that we decided to make it a monthly event.

Each month this year one of our bakers will assign a challenge for the group and we will all submit our versions.  Hope you enjoy – and if you are inspired, we hope you bake along with us. Check out the rest of the collective’s creations.



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