February Challenge: What kind of macaron would you be?

Hey everyone, it’s us the bakers again with a cool new challenge this month. We asked ourselves the age old question every serious thinker takes time to ponder and reflect on:

“If you were a French Macaron, what kind would you be?”

Macarons are delicious Parisian cookies, that although can be very traditional in their flavor palette, they are an excellent vehicle for creativity and expression. Which makes them a perfect way for you to get to know us. so without further ado, here are our creations: (hover over the name of the baker to see their respective blog entries)

Left to right, starting from the top: Carlos’ “Coffee/Dulce de leche Macarons“, Alex’s Macarons, Marissa’s “When You Just Want a Macaroon Macarons,Tanya’s “Ligonberry Elderflower Macarons,” Sally’s “Spicy Mango Coconut Macarons,” Helen’s “Blueberry Mint Macarons,” and Dana’s “Chocolate & Caramel Latte Macarons.”

So now here’s where YOU come in. We had a ton of fun expressing ourselves through macarons, and we’d love to see what you come up with. Post a pic on IG or FB of who YOU would be as a French Macaron and include the hashtags #iamamacaron #homebakerscollective and we’ll shout you out!

Until next time,


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