MARCH CHALLENGE: A Pie to Say Goodbye to Winter

Another month goes by, and we are here again to share with you the results of one more group baking challenge. The brief for this month, designed by me (Sally waves at you!), was pretty simple: bake a pie to say goodbye to winter, inspired or dedicated to someone you miss.  As most people who know me can testify, I don’t do cold weather very well (that is putting it very mildly). I endure it, try to find joy in preparing hearty foods, stews, soups, but truth is, my only thought in November is… can we have Spring back?  This year, unfortunately, we are dealing with one somber Spring. A general feeling of anxiety and uncertainty. So let’s fight that with pie. Pie to share with family, pie to share with you here in this cozy collective spot.

Here they are, click on the name to reach each blog or Instagram spot










  1. Sounds like a fun challenge! Would you consider opening your challenges to your reading community (particularly during these challenging times)? Let us know what it is when you start it and perhaps some of us out here will post our results in comments when you post yours.

    Also, it’d be helpful if each baker’s project for the challenge were included in the links to their blogs/Instagram posts.


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