April Challenge: DONUTS!

This month’s challenge on the Home Bakers Collective is DONUTS! Or is it doughnuts??

Who knows and who cares! Donuts are just happiness in your hands, no matter how spell it. Baked, fried, yeast, cake, glazed, filled or sprinkled. Donuts are just the perfect treat. You can’t be sad with a donut in your hand and we all need a little extra happiness right now.

The absolute BEST way to enjoy a donut is by sharing them. Why not make one (or all!) of these variations to share with your friends and family? Better yet, wrap some up in a pretty package and leave them anonymously on a friend or neighbors door step to bring a smile to their face!

This month’s challenge was set because donuts are a blank canvas, just waiting to be personalized. Just look at what we came up with!

Click on the bakes name below to link to the recipe (from top left corner in the photo):

Tanya’s Coffee and Bailey’s filled Donuts

Dana’s Citrus Sourdough Donuts

Helen’s Sourdough Donuts with Candied Sesame Seeds

Marissa’s Cherry Fritters

Bianca’s Apple Cider Donuts

Carlos’ Sour Cream Donuts with Bacon and Blueberry

Alex’s Raspberry Lemon and Apple Cinnamon Donuts

Sally’s Coconut Lime Donuts with Mango Glaze

Enjoy! If you make any of these donuts, please tag us on Instagram and use #homebakerscollective!

Happy baking!



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