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August Challenge: Recreate Your Favorite Childhood Treat

by Dana Commandatore This month’s Home Baker’s Challenge was conceived by me. A big part of my baking is to evoke emotion and connect with family and friends. There is at least one thing from your childhood that brings you back to a happy place. For me, it is Marshmallow Sandwich cookies from Nabisco. When […]


Hi friends, it’s Marissa!  I had the pleasure of setting the Home Baker’s Collective challenge for the month of July.  The challenge was to Bake Your State! I see summer as  the height of seasonal baking.  It’s the perfect time to highlight all the amazing things your state has to offer.  My baking buddies did not […]

June Challenge: Lamination!

Hi folks. Alex here. For this month’s baking challenge, I wanted to choose something, well, challenging. These bakers were on TV, you know. I think lamination is the hardest thing to achieve well in a home kitchen. I left the challenge open ended otherwise to enable a little creativity–and did my friends deliver. Please take […]

May Challenge: Non-yeasted savory breads!

In the midst of these crazy and unprecedented times, I thought it would be a great opportunity to pick a challenge that omits one of those “hard to find during COVID” ingredients…and that is yeast! While I know so many people are playing with sourdough starter, I wanted to provide another option. There are so […]

MARCH CHALLENGE: A Pie to Say Goodbye to Winter

Another month goes by, and we are here again to share with you the results of one more group baking challenge. The brief for this month, designed by me (Sally waves at you!), was pretty simple: bake a pie to say goodbye to winter, inspired or dedicated to someone you miss.  As most people who […]

February Challenge: What kind of macaron would you be?

Hey everyone, it’s us the bakers again with a cool new challenge this month. We asked ourselves the age old question every serious thinker takes time to ponder and reflect on: “If you were a French Macaron, what kind would you be?” Macarons are delicious Parisian cookies, that although can be very traditional in their […]

Meet the Bakers

We met in the summer of 2019 under some pretty stressful circumstances as we were all cast to compete against each other in a baking competition. That dynamic changed quickly over our first meal together where we soon became each other’s support network. The group went from a bunch of strangers to kindred spirits as […]